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The visionaries are all around us every day. What makes a difference is if they loudly describe their vision or simply waiting what will happen. There are 99% people waiting, however there is 1% of people like you, working on positive change based on their belief. It´s a great opportunity to publish your vision soon, so as to become the first visionary describing the future even before it gets reality.

Visions and Visionaries Hero ImageLet me offer you free opportunity loudly to describe your valuable vision and use this channel as the great marketing opportunity. It allows you to find other people of similar feelings or needs. It will allow you to find the prospects and customers.

I´m sure, that you have valuable vision that would be published right now. This will allow you to confirm that your vision is getting reality later on.

If you want to publish your vision or somebody´s vision that you appreciate, you are welcome at group Visions and visionaries.

You are also welcome to bring other people in conformance to your strategy.

Everything big starts small



Opposite behaviour of ^VIX in comparision to S&P500, NASDAQ or DJI can be constructively used to prepare to market change from bullish to bearish. Actually the volatility of markets is very small. Usually in the bearish marketplace volatility is growing fast. This simple fact can be good basic for appropriate option strategy use.

I love visualization. Let me propose you to love visualization as well. But very carefully, please. Otherwise you get to a pitfall.

Let us review these sample data:


When we try to visualize these samples, we get:


It seems clever, that item “development” is growing, and when using some spreadsheet program we can easily get estimation as follows:

Viewed as a graph it would be something like


Viewed as a graph it would be something like


Great! Now we have to be quiet sure, that it is roughly a line, or say linear correlation.

We conclude, that it will be roughly 45 early morning in two days! The task was done.


I have bad news for you… this model is not valid, the patient has died by fever first night…

Marketing people are the craziest ones we ever can find! Their assumption is that everything what the competitors do has to be done. Furthermore they want to get ever to another level than the competitors stand at. If the competitors are singing selling the shoes, they will probably ask for singing shoes… Just to get to another level!

But there is a small obstacle to overcome. The obstacle is the customer´s need that has got out of the scope. Let me propose my vision of a company creating products/services appropriately to the customer´s needs.

WE ARE the customers! Hey you up there! It´s really simple, just offer us what we really need at such a quality level that we will never look for what your competitors do!

I believe, that really well suited products/services are sold self with full help of the customers keeping attention of their families, friends, colleagues as well as other customers they meet randomly. The pressure will be initiated by the customer base in following years. It will kill every company not listening to the customers needs.

Yes, you are right, I have closed a plant producing singing shoes…

I suspect the mathematicians that they are well-known as very sullen strange people only because of their own effort. In fact, I do not know any mathematician truly sullen… They are pretty, full of surprise, friendly but careful people. In all extent it is correct reminding Eva Gedeonová, Slovak woman-mathematician. I was very helpless getting information that she has died aged 53. If I want to explain what I feel, it´s simply friendship to my teacher.

I have to laugh whenever thinking as I have attended linear algebra exam in her workroom. I have got all sweaty putting together some truly marvelous proof of some mathematical theorem. Eva has reviewed my papers and she has really got pretty saying: “You know, the fact remains true nevertheless that it is not proven by your papers…”. That was her unique approach how to let students to lite of the tests.

You know, I´d like to hear it once more again from her mouth!

I care of several virtual funds more than 5 years.

Every of these “funds” is based on another strategy. Trying to develop long time successful strategy I prefer two of these funds: DRS and MRLX.

DRS fund is targeting the financial sector. Any other sectors are involved only to support the business in the meantime of market obstacles thus yielding to support financial sector marginally.

MRLX fund is based on microcapital investment. The strategy involved might be rather risky and covers only the companies of initial value under 2$. Larger moves will be supported on both sides nevertheless if the value is bearish or strongly getting up bullish. Only for wild investors or as a part of some other fund covering some psychological needs of the risk.

I am available at Linked-In and

Twenty years ago I was facing really big challenge to propose information technology strategy of insurance company – the leader of insurance industry at Slovakia. One of things, that I have proposed was to develop strategy of forgetting information. The reason was and actually is ever the same. From many reasons, this was not done until today. Not only at that company. Most of companies, governmental agencies or non-profit bodies do not develop anything similar to strategy of forgetting.

You can not keep all the data forever. There are several limits given by many factors. The computers have limited time to get to the required results. You need not to get the answer immediately. There are applications allowing us to wait for the results at reasonable time. However, you would not wait on results 10000 years because of some natural limits given by average life expectancy. This idea leads to development of new techniques of computation at several machines at the same time, but paradoxically it did not lead to development of strategy of forgetting. Simply, people around mean, that it is ever easier to develop new techniques how to compute than to take his wits and clearly divide information on those, that we will hold for a long, but defined time, and the data, that might be lost very quickly. Very quickly – nevertheless what it means.

The idea of distributed computing does not solve the problem. It solves many problems and helps us to make the computations, that we would not be able to do without these techniques. But it is not solution of strategy of forgetting the information, that are already obsolete. Why? Simply, let us imagine, that we put together necessary amount of machines and using parallel processing we simply get the answers, we require. Thus there will be some crazy person asking for additional questions that are of importance to ask and requiring the answer. Et cetera, et cetera. Once early in the morning waking up you simply find the reality, that amount of sources available is not what you need, so you have to extend the amount of computers involved, and of course, you need to extend power consumption as well. So, the concept of distributed computing has limitations as well and in fact it does not solve the necessity of building strategy of forgetting.

There is another approach at the hardware level – empowering the processing possibilities of processors. The manufacturers of processors are doing the best possible, to bring ever more power to the computers. There is very large pressure of marketplace at this field. Let us thank to the market pressure that this is the trend, but again – let us remember that there are limits as well. For sure, the processors will be ever more powerful using ever bigger instruction set capable to compute ever bigger amounts of data at the same time – but with limits!

I was very surprised over the last two decades, that this simple idea – “strategy of forgetting” – has not become reality. In fact, I would expect from the consultancy agencies, the developers, and first of all the methodologists growing level of interest at this field. In fact this is slowly changing over last 2-3 years.

As well as twenty years ago, most of people naively believe, that “it will be done somehow later on”… But there are limits of this naive approach as well. Once morning we will be facing necessity to forget about all our former practices and simply quickly put together what to do.

I believe, that in next 10 years “strategy of forgetting” will be developed and will lead to large savings at the user side and will develop large business possibilities at the other side, that is not existing at the moment.

As I know, there are some isolated islands of enthusiasm.  Some of them can be found using “strategy of forgetting” and “obsolete data” throughout Google. If you have additional information, please, do not hesitate to contact me throughout LinkedIn.