Marketing people are the craziest ones we ever can find! Their assumption is that everything what the competitors do has to be done. Furthermore they want to get ever to another level than the competitors stand at. If the competitors are singing selling the shoes, they will probably ask for singing shoes… Just to get to another level!

But there is a small obstacle to overcome. The obstacle is the customer´s need that has got out of the scope. Let me propose my vision of a company creating products/services appropriately to the customer´s needs.

WE ARE the customers! Hey you up there! It´s really simple, just offer us what we really need at such a quality level that we will never look for what your competitors do!

I believe, that really well suited products/services are sold self with full help of the customers keeping attention of their families, friends, colleagues as well as other customers they meet randomly. The pressure will be initiated by the customer base in following years. It will kill every company not listening to the customers needs.

Yes, you are right, I have closed a plant producing singing shoes…