The decision which key words to use so as to make Your brand name the most successful in this context is one of crucial and at the same time one of most difficult. However it is possible to pick up such key words, that just Your brand name will succeed.

There are all necessary words in this text already involved.

Frequencies of occurrence of various key words and their combinations used in this text

successful brand name  – once in several days

successful name – once in 1-3 hours

successful brand – once in 1-3 hours

brand name – once in 2-3 minutes

name – once in 2-3 seconds

brand – once in 2-3 seconds

successful – once in 5-8 seconds

difficult – once in 10-20 seconds

however – once in 5-10 seconds

possible – once in 2-4 seconds

succeed – once in 20-30 seconds