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Number of various analysis I regularly offer grows and I was asked to make it easier simply to find older as well as just released analysis from one point.

You are welcome, this will be simple place, where hopefully You will ever find way to get to various analysis You expect to.

Prognosis of stocks significantly to grow or fall
These prognosis become as of 2014 the most precise and valuable source of long term predictions on significant stock price movements both bullish and bearish.
Currently for more than one year, these tweet thread series use to attract greatest interest of my regular but also ad hoc readers.
Let me pick up just few specific predictions as strongly bearish prediction for $VRX.

Stocks and ETF
All my tweets on stocks and ETF in one single view.

Stocks news

Stocks news from Nasdaq, Nyse, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, SeekingAlpha, Venture Canvas, MarketWatch, Barron’s and other proven information sources that I have personally reviewed and read. These are articles that offer some important content, anyhow I do not necessarily agree with the content itself. I bring You this content believing that it is important point of view and an opinion to take into the account.

There are plenty other information sources available through my list at Twitter. I recommend You to review these as well regularly.

Today’s most impressive stocks
Regularly, whenever it is possible and important, I use to remind those stocks, that are in use in any of virtual funds, I manage. So You can easily compare what was happening in various times, periods and what the additional notes I offered. Links to other information sources are available too.

Today’s Stocks to Watch Regularly

The goal is to select stocks that deserve attention and currently are suddenly changing price significantly.

These stocks will be selected using following rules:

(1) Beta > 2
(2) Last price > 2
(3) Today’s volume > 150k
(4) {%Chg     > 5%} OR {%Chg < -5%}

Today’s pick stocks

  • paying dividends previously
  • current price higher than previous high price

Social networks #stocks

Broadcasting Industry #stocks

Natural Gas Distribution #stocks

Various graphs of stocks and ETF
Various graphs of stocks and ETF in 2 years, 5 years but also 5 days views. Obviously I pick up stocks or ETF, that are at that moment in some clearly defined status, that is of importance

Trojan horses of stocks market

The stocks and ETF which are in such state, that rather probably will very quickly suddenly change price value. Despite unknown direction, this movement can be expected to accrue really unexpectedly.

Best performance stocks in my virtual funds

Simple review of the best performance stocks in the last 3 months. There are only stocks, that are in some portion in at least one of my virtual funds. No other stocks will be mentioned.

Just Turning Upside Stocks

(1) Moving Average 200 days > Moving Average 100 days
(2) Moving Average 100 days Price Change 1-years
(4) 50M $12

Included only U.S. Equities, excluded OTC

(1) Long term mostly bearish
(2) Short term mostly bullish
(3) Price Changes more last 3-months than in the last year
(4) Ticker of larger company
(5) Excluding too negligible stocks

Falling aggressively
These are stocks aggressively falling in long term as well as in short term. This trend can last, but also these stocks can be bottoming currently.
I select price interval $5-$12, but You can simply change these values as You wish to. The task is simply to limit overall number of stocks to usable amount. Too few stocks can be bad, because there need not to remain anything usable. Too many stocks is unusable as well, simply we have too few information precisely to pick up the right stock.
(1) $5 Moving average 20 days
(4) Average Volume 200 days < Average Volume 20 days
(1) There is still some value to loose
(2) Falling in long term
(3) Falling also in short term
(4) Even more sold shares

Exhausted up trend
This name might be inaccurate. In general, these are nor exhaustive stocks nor exhausted stocks selected according to these rules:
(1) Exchanges = Nasdaq OR NYSE
(2) P/E Ratio > 50
(3) Weighted Alpha > 50
There is no warranty, that these stocks will continue in exhaustive growth, anyhow, mostly they use to continue. It is only the very first point of view to these stocks. It is useful to get warned that some concrete stock is getting really vivid in terms of price growth.
I recommend to clarify all the other aspects, especially appropriateness in terms of portfolio strategy and expected profitability point of view.

All time winners
These are stocks that very quickly recover, currently are mostly bullish and ruled by following rules
(1) Beta > 2
(2) Moving average  200 days  < Moving average  100 days
(3) Moving average  100 days 9.99

Financials with Beta > 2
The stocks related to financial sector that have Beta value at least 2. In other words, these are financial stocks, that quickly recover.
Mostly just these are the stocks that compromise the core of flagship virtual mutual fund DMF.
Despite previous history, it is necessary carefully to pick up the stocks in use and still previous Beta value does not guarantee anything more, than that in the past this stock was fastly recovering, at least twice as fast, as the core of stock market.
(1) Sector = Finance
(2) Beta > 2

Vivid micro capital
These are rare stocks selected under following rules
(1) 1 < Last Price < 5
(2) Beta > 2
(3) Shares Outstanding > 2M
(4) Today’s Volume > 10M
(5)  Average Volume > 10M

Most impressive ETF
There are several important points of view to analyze which ETF are the most impressive. I prefer to review those, that comply to following rules:
(1) Moving average 100 days < Moving average 20 days
(2) Moving average 200 days < Moving average 100 days
(3) Average volume 200 days 10
This rule is not necessary, but limits the results accordingly to those ETF, that payed dividends in the past. Thus there is bigger probability of dividends also in the future, anyhow without warranty.

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